July 4, 2018

Laser Battle (Laser Tag)

The best Laser Tag Party in Mobile, Alabama is here!

Laser Tag parties in Mobile, Alabama by On Sight Entertainment

On Sight Entertainment Laser Battle is high-tech, fast paced fun!  Our Game Coach/Referee brings the incredible Battle Rifle Pro Laser Tag system to your back yard, parking lot, school gymnasium, park…or just about anywhere!  14 Laser Taggers with red-dot scopes and the all-new Edge scoring system will give players the feeling of being on the battlefield!  

With kickin’ music by our own Game Coach DJ, lights, “Battle Bunker” obstacles for players to use as “cover,” and so much more, your guests will have the ultimate “combat” party!

Our Laser Tag parties include:

■Use of 14 high-tech Battle Rifle Pro Laser Taggers (we can rotate players for larger groups.)
■A Game Coach to assist with your party
■Playing field set up at your location with Battle Bunker obstacles
■Music and Lights and our “DJ” to kick up the fun!
■High Tech “Edge” Scoring System…keep track of who the Laser Tag champ really is!

Mobile Alabama laser tag party by On Sight Entertainment

The accurate, high-tech Battle Rifle Pro will blow you away!

The Battle Rifle Pro is a high-tech, customizable laser tagger beyond compare! Players are able to switch between gun modes, with realistic feature and sound effects that add to the realism of the “battlefield!”

Our Game Coach can configure over 40 different Laser Battle games (Team-Based Missions!)

Over 40 Laser Battle Games: Our games are Team Based Missions. All games can be modified to fit your event:

Fortnite Battle Royale
Arcade-Enemy Attack
Free For All-King of the Hill
Team-Assault Team-King of the Hill
Fortnite Squads
Arcade-Free For All
Free For All-Snipers
Team-Boss Hunt
Team-Retrieval Blue
Manhunt Arcade-Target Shoot
Free For All-Survival Games
Team-Capture the Flag
Team-Retieval Red
Free For All-Crazy King
Tactical-Active Shooter
Team-Single Flag
Tactical-Bomb Defusal
Hunger Games
Free For All-Gun Game
Tactical-High Profile Terrorist
Team- Tactical 3v3
Team Battle
Free For All-Kill Streaks
Tactical-Hostage Rescue
Team-Gold Rush
Team-Total Domination
Team Battle(Kids)
Tactical-VIP Rescue
Team-Kill Streaks


Laser Battle
2 hours $379
Recommend for ages 8 and up.
Recommend 15-18 guests for the best experience.
Additional Time 100/hour

COMBO Parties:

Game Theater and Laser Battle Combo
2 hours ( running simultaneously) $649
Recommended for ages 8 and up.
Choice of 1 Game Truck package and our Laser Battle.
Recommend 30 guests max for best experience.
Additional Time $199/hour


*Plus any travel surcharge if applicable.  See our Service Area for more information.

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